2020, a year to remember

The world came to a standstill

My travel company www.BELAFRIQUE.com was going to celebrate its 10th anniversary, yet there was not much to celebrate. The uncertainty of when things would be back to normal and the financial stress were real.

On the positive side, we actually got to stop and smell the roses. I think many of us initially really enjoyed taking it slow & to spend some quality time with our loved ones  A lot of us became more creative too. Some started crafts like baking, knitting and other things. Having that unexpected extra time, made me look around myself.  I discovered how much talent there is in Paarl & surroundings, creative people & entrepreneurs that I never knew about. I wondered if other people knew about them because they should!!

COVID really shed an interesting new light on life! The effect it had on people but also seeing the positive effects lockdown had on Mother Nature. The massive impact our modern ways & economy has was a real mind-blowing eyeopener.

For me, COVID was like a magnifying glass. Irrespective of whether it was good or bad. It shook me up and gave it to me on a golden platter. With a note “this is how it is, do you like what you are seeing?”Pretty cool really. In retrospect, it felt like I was doing life, half dormant, before corona. It put me through an amazing existential thought process for which I’m actually very grateful, as scary as it was & still is.

It also soon became clear that this pandemic was NOT going away soon. Waiting until the storm was over wasn’t going to do it.

Diversifying, Side hustles and pivoting became the words of the year.

And this is how MADE IN PAARL WAS BORN……

  • Firstly to support the people from the valley
  • Secondly also to show the “World” what Paarl & Wellington (Drakenstein Municipality) has on offer
  • Thirdly, MADE IN PAARL is NOT a non -profit however we strive to be a business with a rippling social impact.
  • Last but not least creating awareness & encouraging sustainability & fair trade practises