My name is Isabelle Dechamps. originally from Belgium. For the last 20 years, I made South Africa my home, together with my husband & our two sons.

In this Corona area, for many of us, COMMUNITY, became extremely important. With no family in SA and many of our friends in Cape Town, I longed for “my village”.  The sense of belonging, looking after each other, in these uncertain times became more apparent than ever. So why not support each other more?

Paarl (Drakenstein Municipality) has so much talent from small & informal entrepreneurs to bigger & established creatives. You probably already know a few but definitely not all. Hence the idea of creating a digital platform to showcase what Paarl and the region has on offer. A platform where we, as entrepreneurs can support each other & where you, from wherever you are, have access to an easy one-stop-shop.

Made in Paarl strives to be an all inclusive business, a safe space regardless of religion, gender, age, race, seen and/or unseen disabilities, sexual preference, ethnicity, neurodiversion.

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